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Our vision is to create a superlative dining experience – memorable, intimate, elegant, and a feast for the senses. It seeks to transport you to another world, where refinements of time and space are transformative, and every moment can be treasured.

The relaxed dining experience at SHIN is chic nonetheless. High walnut hand craft chairs at the sushi bar coddle you while each course is explained in detail, and every nuance is revealed. Whether an Edomae novice or self-proclaimed sushi foodie, you will leave with a feeling of euphoria. 

We serve Omakase by Chef Kenichi Arimura. 



Within the courses meal lies chef Arimura-san’s passion for sushi. With ingredients sourced both domestically and internationally, the chef crafts a very special tasting menu within the style of Edomae sushi. Chef Arimura is a strong believer in authenticity but also creativity.


The Omakase modus-operandi changes daily based on what exclusive sea-food intermediaries have hand picked or wild caught and ultimately meets our criteria.


All wildly sourced products are brought to us daily with an emphasis on only the best quality both international and if available local.


SHIN is offering to guests avant-garde reinterpretation of the traditional Japanese Kaiseki-style dining experience. The term also refers to the collection of skills and techniques that allow the preparation of such meals and is analogous to western haute cuisine. 


Japanese Fine Dining

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