The guidelines below are to help ensure that you enjoy the TRUE JAPANESE experience as intended. Our staff and chefs are committed to providing a wonderful dining experience so please feel free to ask questions at any time.

Our adherence to strict hygiene rules does not allow dogs into our premises.


We recommend eating the sushi as soon as it is presented. The balance of each dish is at its finest directly after being served.


If there are any ingredients that you do not wish to eat, due to allergies or personal tastes, please inform us. Please feel free to use either your hands or chopsticks to eat your sushi. When using your hands please note there is a small finger wipe that we recommend using between servings.


At the end of the set course meal, you can request additional pieces from the chef. Please note that additional charges will apply.


We offer a range of non-alcoholic drinks, along with an impressive selection of sake and wine.


We do not have sweetened beverages as they can overpower the subtle flavours of the sushi.


Japanese Fine Dining

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